Polyrhythmics- Live from the Banana Stand (album)

Six unshakable deep-funk burners from the Polyrhythmics band out of Seattle! The album is a live set that the band recorded at the Banana Stand recording space in Portland, OR (which is also the label responsible for the album's digital release). The LP is an absolute winner from jump, as the band opens the set with the rousing afro-beat piece "Labrador". The group's funky horn section take center stage on this one, but the band's strong rhythm section keeps the groove airtight and extra funky. Other stand out cuts include the blaxploitation-esque vibes of "The Octogon"; the 70's cop flick stomp of "Le Hustle"; and the hazy psyche-music sounds of the track "The Mendo Mulcher".  Long time fans and new listeners who are always on the look out for heavy funk music should really enjoy Live from the Banana Stand as the Polyrhythmics definitely give up the funk from start to finish. Dope work!
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