Inner Sound- Concrete (album)

Here's a very cool set of sample-driven instrumentals, appropriately titled Concrete, from rising producer and beatmaker Inner Sound. While there's no denying the fact that Inner Sound's music draws heavily from the dusty, crate-diggin' sounds of 90's golden-era hip hop, the young beatmaker only uses this as starting point and makes sure to instill fluidity and movement into his productions. Even so, the album plays out like a beat tape in the truest sense of the word, as the tracks are relatively brief, waste little time getting down to the groove, and have a real raw, "straight-from-the-MPC" sort of feel to them, which adds to the projects overall off-the-cuff vibe. Standout cuts include: the gritty, meditative funk track "Visions", the jazzy, throwback vibes of "Didn't Hafta" and "Cemented", and the visceral, street level heater (and personal favorite) "Uh-huh, Cracks". I'm glad to see the tradition of sample-heavy beat-making is alive and kicking., and that producers like Inner Sound are not only carrying the torch but pushing the scene forward.
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