News | New Dates Added to Anthony David's "Simple Man Summer Tour"

Fans of live soul music take note. Grammy nominated soul and R&B singer Anthony David just sent out an email announce some recent additions to his "Simple Man Summer Tour". Check out the email below and then check the flyer to see if "Acey Duecy" will performing in your of the woods this summer:

 "...NEW DATES added on to the SIMPLE MAN SUMMER TOUR. One this weekend in MILWAUKEE, some really big ones coming up in NYC (highline ballroom), DC (Blues Alley), and PHILLY (With Carl Thomas). And there are many more, plus I'll be bringing some friends, family , and new incredible acts with me! Two that I'm excited about are Marian Mareba and Micah Freeman. Whenever I can I'll be bringing the WERC crew with me, and add DJ's to the mix.

     I'm really trying DESPERATELY to get to the Pacific Northwest! Seattle, Oregon, Vancouver (yeah, I forgave them), I want to come BADLY. Let me know if you know promoters or clubs I can come and play at, we will make it happen. A European leg of the tour is being planned, and all of this will happen this summer and fall, along with two singles and videos being dropped, to prep you for this 2015 SIMPLE MAN ALBUM RELEASE.  We wanna come back to Australia, Japan, and parts of Africa as well, so stay tuned. You know travel is a must. 

So take a peek at the new dates and see where we are, where we've come, and where we will be. We've taken that first step which is what it's all about. I guess that is what I came to tell you after all."


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