Brasco Noir & Samurai Del- Oddblossom (album)

After showering fans with a steady flow of instrumental gems, producer Samurai Del  linked up with fellow Seattle resident Brasco Noir to release a new collaborative LP entitled Oddblossom.  After only a few tracks listeners will be struck by just how well these two mesh, as Del beats tend to induce the same sort of moody grooves that Brasco manages to instill with his rhymes. On the album's opening track, "Love That", Samurai Del uses soothing vocal samples and dusty drum chops to set a scene that's light and airy, but still feels like that eerie calm before an approaching storm. Added to this scene is Brasco Noir's rhymes, which are quick-witted and lively, yet deceptively aggressive in that "wait...did he just take a jab at me??" kind of way. On "Earthly Bodies" Del's production seems to transform from an easy-going (and almost folksy) downtempo number to an explosive boom bap track depending on what Brasco Noir'sand guest emcee Campana, lyrics call for at any given moment. For their part, both lyricists deliver a flurry of rapid-fire rhymes that manage to sound right at home on the somewhat somber-sounding track. Other standouts include "Ulterior Motives" and the wildly cinematic title track "Oddblossom" which kinda sounds like a unreleased B-side track from Prince Paul's Psychoanalysis: What is It?. Oddblossom is thought provoking, layered hip hop that may have a different tone than either artist's earlier releases, but definitely melds the best part of both of their sounds and creates something new and dope.
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