Ju-Ar- Day Out (album)

Here's an expansive set of cosmic nu-jazz & hip hop instrumentals from musician/beatmaker Ju-Ar and the Morgen Noi record label out of Germany. The album is called Day Out and it showcases Ju-Ar's knack for making lush, laid-back hip hop beats while clearly keeping one ear towards the open-minded scene of 70's fusion jazz scene.  The cool-out goodness of the opening track, entitled "Shine On", starts things off on a good note with its echoing electric pianos, warm synths, and natural-sounding drums.  From there Ju-Ar travels to the deep & filtered sound of 90's hip hop with the track "Get On" which skillfully manages to come across as smooth and funky at the same time. The album's easygoing, nu-jazz vibe continues to flow throughout the album with follow-up tracks like "What It Is", "Wait For" and the aptly titled "Cosmic Glory". One of my personal favorites is a smoldering neo-soul type cut called "If You Want This" which will have listeners half-expecting someone like Dwele or Miles Bonny to start singing at every turn. With Day Out producer Ju-Ar has created a beautiful collection of chilled instrumentals that will provide the perfect backdrop for a day out in the sun or a night out beneath the city lights.


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