Ogiyy & Cascade Records- Nostalgia (teaser mix)

Here's a dope little teaser mix for a project that I'm really looking forward to hearing when it drops. On August 4th the taste-makers over at Cascade Records will be journeying deeper into the lands of spacey electro-soul and future funk when they release the LP Nostalgia as curated and arranged by beatmaker/producer Ogiyy. Judging from the snippets that we're able to take in from his mix, this project promises to be filled with tons of chillout, atmospheric sounds that draw heavily from the soul and funk music of the 70's, 80's, and even 90's (ie: the track @ the 6:30 mark). Enjoy the mix and make sure to add Ogiyy's Nostalgia LP to your "buy pile" ASAP.


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