Joose- Cruise Control (album)

Top shelf hip hop music from Michigan emcee Joose. The set definitely lives up to its "cruise control" title as Joose uses his laid-back rhyme style and cool-out demeanor to create an album filled with feel good, "bump-it-in-the-car" type of music.  Short, sweet and to the point, the overall sound of Cruise Control falls somewhere between the traditional southern trap-music of the early 2000's and the newer trap-style music coming from labels like Soulection and Darker Than Wax. On tracks like "California Girls" and "Bonita", Joose commands the spotlight by addressing tried and true topics (i.e. women, weed, and good times) with creative and smart lyrics. Which isn't to say the project is a endless parade of odes to the high life. Other standouts include the reflective, and almost somber, "Black Sand" and the "take no sh*t off nobody/hold your head up high" anthem "Julian" (that 1st verse is nothing short of genius!).  And as far as the beats, new school production wonders Brock Berrigan, Mozaic, and Sango keep the sounds live no matter what the situation calls for. Shout out to Jooseand the entire AGO (Astronaut Gang) collective for this one.


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