Moses Rockwell- Ahkwellington.Dweeb Supreme.One (LP)

Brand new sounds from Moses Rockwell - an insanely talented lyricist that hails from the fertile hip-hop environs of Rochester, NY. With his latest release, Rockwell mixes his cerebral rhymes and agile wordplay with a well thought out collection of beats that range from simmering meditative pieces to thumping head-nodders. One of the best entries under the "thumpin head-nodders" label is the infinitely repeatable "Roof Top" which showcases Moses Rockwell's gift of gab over some body moving production from beatmaker/arranger Kae Biz. The track's sharp lyrics, soulful production, and super catchy chorus allow it shine bright even among an LP full of gems. More of the album's livelier sounds can be heard on tracks like the boom-bap stomper "Lunch Money" as well as the bouncy intro track "Vision-inner". The album's energy switches up a little at the midway point as Rockwell's lyrics take on a more introspective tone and the beats become a bit more solemn. Standout tracks from the LP's more serious-sounding second act include the stream-of-consciousness sketch-work of "Physique" and the slightly acerbic lyrics of "htiaF eht peeK". With Ahkwellington.Dweeb Supreme.One Moses Rockwell gives listeners an album that's filled with far-reaching lyrics and intricate productions that still manages to be entertaining and engrossing. Yes, this is a thinking-man's hip hop album. But it's also built for those times when you just want to vibe out to some good music. Press play and dig for yourself.


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