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Hailing from Bandung, Indonesia, the Midnight Runners production duo is made up of boogie funk connoisseurs Yordan Admiral and Munir Harry Septiandry.  Though the two multi-instrumentalists come from different musical backgrounds, their music reflects their shared love for disco, modern funk, and electro-boogie sounds. 

With an arsenal of records, the two-man team take disco and R&B samples and create modern funk tracks that have a strong hip-hop feel. New fans need only to check out the pairs debut album, Overdive to get a sense of just how well the fellas are able to put a 21st century spin on the synthesizer-driven sounds of late 70's/early 80's electronic music. The duo's ability to seamlessly blend a wide array of elements into sleek and streamlined productions also crosses over into their live performances as Yordan and Munir have developed a tight and interactive partnership onstage. 

Equipped with a collection of samplers, sythesizers, MIDI controllers and software, the Midnight Runners production team are set to take funk, hip hop and soul music into new and cosmic realms.



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"Night Ride" from the Overdive EP

"Late Night Dancer" from the Assembly Point: A Mini Compilation of Rising Asian Beatsmiths LP

"Shifted Dreams"


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