NEW RELEASE | Grafh- 88 Crack Era

A brand new mixtape from Queens emcee GrafhWhile some of you may be thrown off by the title '88 Crack Era, I'm promise you that if you're a fan of Golden-era beats & rhymes than you're going dig this one. The project is a dope homage to late 80's/early 90's NYC/East Coast rap music, with live reworkings of classic tracks from Black Moon, Nas, Onyx, Ill Al Skratch, Special Ed, and more. I'm sure you've heard other cats spit over classic boom bap tracks, but Grafh definitely brings that authentic "I'm-on-my-New-York-shit" type energy from start to finish on this mixtape. Yes, there's references to hustlin' and dealing, but that's a big part of what molded the sound of that era in hip hop. And honestly, Grafh doesn't beat you in the head with it nearly as bad as some of these "cocaine trafficking rap stars" that claim to be moving product 24/7/365. Standouts include "Don't Front", "New York Shit", "She The Homie" and the lead single "Walk in New York". 


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