LIVE45's | Ida Divine- Pandora/GTFOH

Brand new music from singer/songwriter Ida Divine who recently posted 2 new cuts on her Soundcloud page. The first is a dope display of "Ms. Ida's" skills as an emcee entitled "Pandora". Divine drops a slick, one-take verse that clearly shows the art of emceeing isn't just something she dabbles in on occasion. The rhymes are sharp and on point as Divine flows like clear water over a jazzy D.I.T.C.-styled beat. This  is followed by a biting critique of today's music industry and mainstream radio called "GTFOH". If you know the acronym, then believe me when I tell you that it's everything that you might expect (and more) from such a pull-no-punches song title. At once brash and bittersweet, Ida doesn't bite her tongue when it comes to letting music execs, DJ's, artists, and even the fans know exactly how little regard she has for today's mainstream music scene. And while the track is overtly tongue-in-cheek, Divine still brings her signature A-game vocals to the acerbic track. Ida Divine is quickly becoming one of my favorite rising stars and I look forward to hearing more and more music from this forward-thinking artist.

Ida Divine- Pandora

Ida Divine- GTFOH


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