NEW RELEASE | Dday One- Dialogue with Life

Two weeks ago I made sure that I did my part to help spread the word about the spiritually-minded goodness that's being created by producer Dday One when I did a write up for the single "Yesterday's Over". And in an effort to make sure that the sort of positive energy that this guy is putting out in the world is shared with as many people as possible, I now encourage you to check out his latest full-length project, Dialogue With Life. On this release Dday One sets thumping loops and rhythms against spacious downtempo backdrops, creating an album that is reflective and meditative without being overly-cerebral. One of the biggest draws of Dialogue With Life is the fact that its constantly changing it's approach- coming across as something explosive one second then changing into something serene the next. Standouts include the dream-like "Towards The Roar", the slightly haunting "Open Cage", the tense and stalking "Journey to the Center", and joyous uprocker "What We Do". 


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