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Etching out the blueprint for the future of emceeing, ADaD is the next breakout artist to enter into the rap game. Championed by the likes of Exile and Madlib, he is the nexus between hip-hop's Golden Era and the new movements derived from today's hip-hop.

Defying lyrical gravity, beats serve as ADaD's playground, rocking verses with a distinct musical prowess that has got the music industry on lock. Transforming his flow into his own instrument, the rising artist's acumen behind the mic resonates an on-time swagger and compelling rhyme schemes that take unexpected direction–proving ADaD's inexplicable gift and raw talent.

Repping Chicago's south side, ADaD is also member of Eurolythimics, but is quickly changing the game as a solo artist coming into his own. Dubbed the next hip-hop hopeful, he thematically brings fans back to self by preaching an acceptance of who you are. Executing wordplay that mainstream hip-hop compensates for overproduction and posturing, ADaD shares stages with some of the largest names in hip-hop with party-style performances never having to compromise his art or message.


 Extended Play

Extended Play (LP)

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 Green St & Avers

Green St. & Avers (LP)

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 The Unbenounced Mixtape

The Unbenounced Mixtape



 P.S. I'm Next

P.S. I'm Next (mixtape)

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Gumbo The Stolen Arts EP

Gumbo: The Stolen Arts EP

Soundcloud |



"Good Life" from the Extended Play LP

"Hot & Nasty (feat. Proh Mic)" from the Green St. & Avers LP

"Punch" from the The Unbenounced Mixtape 

"Live From the Belly (feat. The Primeridian) (Tall Black Guy rmx)" from the P.S. I'm Next mixtape

"Money" from the Gumbo: The Stolen Arts EP

"Shotgun Stuntn" from the Gumbo: The Stolen Arts EP


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