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Aretta started singing as a young child. At the age of eight the community started to recognize her extraordinary vocal ability. Church gave her the first platform to release her music ministry. Surprised by her tremendous vocal range and the ability to create music, she moved the heart of the audience.

To this day, she still has that affect on her listeners. With her sultry, hypnotic, pink cashmere-ish vocals, she soothes your mind, body and soul. Her voice has afforded her opportunities to sing for great artists, such as T-Mo from Goodie Mob, Ken Orr, and Slow Motion Soundz. She has also sung backup and performed on tour with Eric Benet. Aretta has also opened up for artists such as Anthony Hamilton, Urban Mystic, Glenn Lewis, Mystical, Do or Die, and other National Acts.

Aretta has not only tapped into the art of music through her vocal ability, she has taken up several musical instruments throughout her musical journey -- drums, bass guitar, and keyboard. She is also known for her dynamic production, arrangement abilities, and writing skills, though her work, and by lending a hand to local artists.

Aretta has recorded a selection of demo songs with Kelvin Wooten and others. Her debut EP, simply titled, Aretta Hill, was released in 2008 and is still receiving domestic and international acclaim for its amazing display of soulful vocals, warm production, and engaging lyrics.  In 2013 Aretta released her acclaimed full length album, Void, which featured the standout singles "Void" and "I'll Do Anything".  Producing writing, arranging, and performing her own music gives her versitility like no other.  Rooted in good music such as Neo-Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Jazz, and Rock, this Electro Soul artist embraces all genres and strives to join them all together in perfect harmony.



Aretta Hill

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Void (EP)

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Void (LP)

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"Everytime" from the Aretta Hill EP

"Medicine" from the Aretta Hill EP

"Void" from the Void EP & Void LP

"I'll Do Anything" from the 
Void EP & Void LP


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