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Music is her breath of fresh air,” close friends say about Lyric Jones. The Jones musical repertoire includes rapping, playing drums and bass, singing, writing, producing and even DJ-ing a little. She dips into jazz, neo-soul and mainly hip-hop. But whatever she’s doing, she brings a presence like no other.

“All I want is the exhilaration of being on a stage,” Jones said. Her hunger definitely shows. She’s hungry for the crowd to feel her music as deeply as she does, her powerful, message-conscious lyrics spilling out of the speakers.

Indeed she “makes 'em have a Jones for Lyric”, passionate, multi-faceted and strives to be indispensable. “Why not do it all? Why can’t I be an emcee, soul singer and jazz drummer? Music is music, I love Hip Hop, Jazz & Soul, so the world is gonna see it, know it and hear it.” The new college graduate is fresh out the books and ready to give the industry a face lift. Her highly anticipated debut album Jones St., which dropped in 2012, featured appearances from Grammy Award winning artist Esperanza Spalding, Jean Grae, J-Live, Raydar Ellis among others.

Originally from Boston MA, LJ began singing first. At a very young age, her first stints were in church, talent shows and community choirs . As a high school student, she was joint enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston; spent three years participating in their summer and academic year programs. It was at Berklee where Jones was known as everyone's “lil sis”, sponged from everyone and polished her natural ability as a performer and drummer. It wasn't long before teamed up with producer, DJ, and emcee Raydar Ellis, who was also known as the “face of Hip Hop” around Berklee. The two formed a strong sibling-like relationship, which Jones credits to her knowledge and appreciation of Hip Hop. Raydar immediately saw the potential in Jones as an emcee at age 15, originally the main one behind all her production.

Jones then moved to Georgia to study journalism full-time at The University of Georgia. At the same time in full pursuit of her music career as a hip hop artist; driving back and forth from Atlanta to Athens almost every weekend to rock various stages. As a drummer on the jazz scene in Georgia, Jones took on a more modest approach understanding her role. On the mic however, she continued to gain new fans and pack local Atlanta venues with her addictive energy and a stage presence that is beyond her years. She's hard to miss, always smiling with her “Girl Next Door” aura. Lyric Jones is all things music, clearly a lover of all genres. Her influences range from Jill Scott, Ledisi Lauryn Hill to J Dilla MC Lyte, Mos Def to Robert Glasper & Esperanza Spalding. 

Lyric Jones recently relocated to sunny California and continues to push herself as an artist.



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"23rd St" from the Jones St LP

"Loss on Repeat (feat. Esperanza Spalding)" from the Jones St LP

"Downtime (feat. J-Live)" from the Jones St LP

"Listen, C'mon (feat. DMT)" from the Love's Trail Mix EP

"Music & Love" from the Love's Trail Mix EP


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