NEW RELEASE | Jeepz- Duende (album)

Producer/beatmaker Jeepz returns with a brand new selection of soulful, sample heavy beats with his most recent outing, Duende. On this go-round, Jeepz keeps the sound and vibes heavy with a steady stream of  beats that seem to be built from hard & heavy soul cuts from the late 60's and early 70's. Imagine Isaac Hayes-era Stax Records soul as re-edited by early 90's Large Professor and you're in the ballpark. Standouts include "Get.It.How.You.Live.It", "A.Little.Closer", the celebratory sounding "Coast.Life" and the trip-through-drumbreaks" anthem "House.Of.Paint"*.
*  Jeepzif you're reading this...while I love "It's a New Day" I wouldn't have been mad at cha if you had let that "Impeach the President" break ride out for juuust a little bit longer. 


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