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CRuNCH 22 are three hyperactive, partly disturbed musicians, producing live psychedelic grooves from a strange combination of Rhodes-Piano (Tomer Baruch), Drums (Dan Mayo), And Turntables (Erez Todres). Mixing funk, drum'n'bass, blues, dub and afrobeat, this trio manages to turn every concert into a surprise party. (surprise!)

After playing in most major festivals in Israel, their critically acclaimed debut album and 7-inch vinyl record were released in the summer of 2013 on boutique Israeli label "Audio Montage", triggering the band's first European tour. The track "Barumbi" was featured in Paris DJ's international compilation Vol. 4.


Crunch 22



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"Dimitri" from the Crunch 22 LP

"9.6MB" from the Crunch 22 LP

"B.Z. (Live @ 106FM)" from the Crunch 22 Soundcloud page


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